Thursday, January 13, 2011

On Bended Knee

Meet Cubbie (hi Cubbie!). Sorry he's so blurry. He's an active dog.

Cubbie and his pal Copper visit the kennel several times a year and have been long-time clients. Cubbie has a wild streak, and he occassionally does not want to cooperate with the kennel routine. When it's time to go back in his kennel run, he balks while Copper goes right in.

Cubbie and I stare at each other. One of us is going to win. I think Cubbie knows it's going to be me, but he can control how long the battle lasts. If I stand at the door of the kennel run and motion for him to go in, he stands as far from me as possible. He looks at me like he doesn't think I mean it.

I kneel down. Suddenly, I am at his level and I have his attention. He trots over to me. I pet his head and tell him he's a good dog. Then, like it was his choice, he joins Copper in the kennel run. The disagreement is resolved.

While praying on bended knee isn't a daily habit of mine, I think maybe it should be. Cubbie reminded me that when I go to the effort of changing my posture, it seems like maybe I mean business a little bit more. I believe prayers are heard no matter how we sit or stand, etc. However, it's an act of humility and stillness for me to make some effort. It's more for my own benefit to remind myself to be in deliberate in how I communicate with the Lord.

What about you? Is there a certain posture or place where you like to pray?


  1. There is a place. What I fondly refer to as my "blue room," not because it's depressing - but because it is sky blue and it draws my attention and soul upward.
    I have a clock in it that has a very special tick-tock. I imagine that I am crawling up into the lap of God and pressing my ear against His chest and hearing his heart beat when I am still enough to hear that clock.
    It brings me great comfort.
    My position? Seated. Actually somewhat of a folded up seated so He can hold me tighter=)