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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nathan Alan Willoughby Has a Cousin in Florida-Fiction

Editor's Note: As Edie busily packs up her apartment and her faithful cat, Nathan Alan Willoughby, explores each cardboard box, let's visit his cat cousin.

Custer had it made. Of course Custer was unaware of this, being a cat and all. When Custer was adopted by the Old Bixby Couple, he didn't know they moved to Florida from Canada. Their first order of business once settling in their much warmer home was to make it complete by adding a cat.

Custer grew up with his litter mates in the garage of a young man with a motorcycle, who was kind to them and wanted them to find new homes. Quickly. One Sunday morning, he packed up the kittens and stood in the parking lot of a local church. The Old Bixby Couple was on their way into Mass when they saw the motorcycle. Old Man Bixby used to have an Indian, so the two men talked shop while The Wife noticed the kittens.

Being an American History buff, The Wife chose the kitten and the name. Her husband wanted to call him Indian or Harley. This would not do. A cat needed a stately name that meant something of substance. She was also concerned that Indian might offend the neighbors and Harley seemed too non descript.

They were a descript couple.

Custer grew up in comfort, never knowing that if he'd been in Canada, he'd be freezing to death, just like the Old Bixby Couple did for years and years. Custer had no notion he was growing up in paradise. He only enjoyed it every day.

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