Monday, April 23, 2012

Alone in a Cage

(Editor's Note: Blogger has changed its formatting, which apparently means they've omitted the paragraph breaks that are in the original post below) Over the weekend, a new dog stayed for one day in the kennel. As soon as his owner left, he looked at me and immediately put his front paws on me. It was evident he was insecure. After getting him situated, I could tell he was still a bit nervous. When I led him into the kennel, I stayed, closing the door. This seemed to calm him since I was in the same situation as he found himself. Afterall, how bad could it be if I was next to him? To me, this is a picture of what Jesus did for us. He came down and experienced how you and I live daily - with all its difficulties, joys and foibles. He showed us how to navigate life and triumph over death. Perhaps you're having a bad day, week, or year. There is One who understands where you are, has experienced it, and is happy to be right by your side as you walk that path.


  1. You are so compassionate ! I wish more people would have a 1/4 of your love of animals. I understand your message, but sometimes I feel I am in a cage with a lot of ignorant people wishing I was alone. Jesus keeps me sane. Maybe He knows I may stray from Him if he lets those people out or lets me out of cage and keeps them in. Either way would work for me. But He knows best and I will have to have the faith that He has a plan. Hopefully it is fulfilled SOON. ( I don't know, maybe I won't like that outcome either ) Oh to keep the faith, it is so hard sometimes ! :-)

  2. Ah Melissa, sounds like you are in a tough place. Those barriers, whichever side we find ourselves, are difficult. They probably serve a purpose we can't begin to understand.

    I agree, holding onto faith can become tedious. It reminds me of the verse to "never tire of doing good" which tells me that we are not the first ones who get tired of walking by faith and not be sight.