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Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting with a Routine

This is Dooley (hi Dooley). For reasons his owner and I can't understand, he runs to the door of the kennel upon arrival.
It isn't because he can't wait to see the other dogs and play with them. It isn't because he will get an extra special treat. Dooley loves routine. Or at least that's my theory. He runs right into the space with his bed and settles. He doesn't protest being away from his owner or being off his big comfy couch. He just wants to get on with the predictable schedule. Dooley, I can relate. I love my routine. When I go on vacation, my tiny brain begins to etch out a schedule for the day. It's really annoying because when I'm on vacation, I'd rather not have a schedule. While routine is good and comfortable, it certainly can be restricting. It can even be our idol, freaking out when it's disrupted (that's me). Breaking our routine can bring very good and creative results. At the same time, a lack of any routine often results in complete inactivity (which is great for vacations). So what's the answer? Routine or not to routine? Perhaps it comes back to the question of balance in our lives. Structure and flexibility are both important. Are you a more structured or more routine-free person? How do you keep balanced?

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  1. Dooley is my kinda guy!! What a joy he must be.