Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Taking Your Faith for a Roadtrip

Here's Jimmy at the local hardware story (hi Jimmy!).
As part of his socialization and training, Jimmy goes to a variety of settings. Obedience trainers tell owners to practice commands not just in the back yard, but in areas that are new and provide many distractions. That can be said for our faith as well. It's easy to say you believe something, but quite another to adhere to it when faced with many distractions and unexpectedly strong temptations. When we succeed in sticking to our faith, we become stronger. However, the opposite is not true. It is NOT true that when we fail, giving into temptation or abandoning our beliefs, it can be nothing more than a temporary set-back. When we realize our failure, it does no good to hide it. Instead, we need to run to Jesus. That's where we experience forgiveness and grace. That is a more valuable lesson.

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