Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Play Time - an Essential Element of Life

Here at Good Shepherd Boarding Kennel, it's always a joy to find two or more dogs that enjoy playing together. Kobe and Kody are in the same household, so they like to play. Then, they met Bella, and it was Game On! After they 'take care of business', I let the dogs run up and down the fenced in area, chasing, jumping, barking, etc. When they are done, they return to their inside runs, where they drink a lot of water, then relax in the air conditioning. Here, Kobe demonstrates the classic "let's play" dog pose to Bella. Life can be complicated. During the recent 100 degree heat wave, everything was more difficult. Yet most of us are fortunate enough to only be minorly inconvenienced, even if we experienced losing electricity for several days. For the most part, we can find time to play in our lives. It's important to find fun time with others - whether it's at the community swimming pool, having dinner with friends, or playing cards. God gave us the Sabbath as a gift - a day of rest to enjoy - a day different from others. Remember that play is a gift too. Don't neglect it!

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