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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Can He Do?

Yesterday I had the priviledge of speaking to a group of children about my experience with dogs and God. First off, I love that phrase, "dogs and God." Second, it was Tilly's first time with a group and she only was slightly embarrassing with her weird noises. And finally, it was good to take Foster because he's done so many group presentations, but this likely was his last. After explaining Foster's blindness and rapidly depleting ability to hear, a snide tweener asked, "well what CAN he do?" The question smacked of questioning Foster's usefulness. Having been a bit of a snarky teen myself, I couldn't fault the kid fully. I answered that Foster still enjoys walks, rides in the car, and eating. Later, I thought about the question and I missed an opportunity to say what Foster can really still do. He can still be my friend. Too often we dismiss a person because they can't do some things or they are very limited. We write them off, not wanting to be inconvenienced. However, God cares about the widows, orphans, and all those who are forgotten and dismissed. If God cares about them, then we need to as well. I don't think it's something that comes to us naturally. It comes supernaturally. We need to pray for God to change our hearts to "break our hearts with what breaks His." Today, look for a way to get out of your comfort zone. Reach out to someone in kindness today. You never know when you might be "entertaining the company of angels."


  1. You dear, are a brave soul.(dealing with teens and tweens) LOL How wonderful the good you are doing in your life. You are blessed and I pray that you are able to continue your witnessing. Foster is a sweety and according to your stories about him, a very great family member. I try to get out of my comfort zone, reaching out to others. It is amazing how people don't expect compassion and concern toward them.

  2. Thanks Melissa!

    It is sad how rare compassion and concern can be. Even smiling can be a radical act!

    You are definitely a compassionate person - keep up that generous attitude!

  3. A beautiful post Sue. Need to add you to my follow list. Thrilled you joined superpoints, do let me know if I can help you at all. Sometimes folks join and don't get much from it and get discouraged. I literally click on every wall there to see what the offerings are. Do set up a separate email account though, you do get lots of extra mail and having it separate is helpful. Much of it can be ignored, as they want to sell something, naurally. But, if you spin daily, watch video's daily (you can multi-task and do emails etc in another window), you really don't have to spin lots of time to gain points. Survey's pay well, but do take more time, so I judge whether or not I can do that, or try 3. You don't always get approved, not a reflection you've done something wrong, you just might be the wrong gender or age group or live in the wrong area to fill their quotos. Just keep at it if get disqualified try a few more.

    Thanks too for the thought on why comments are down.

    I so agree with you, reaching out and reaching even just one person a day can be huge. After all there are 365 days a year, so if each of us could reach just one a day...........staggering.

  4. Oophs hit publish too soon, finger happy I guess. Wanted to say I'm your newest follower. And ask if you've donated to my Bridge and Beyond. If so, I wanted to add your blog to the blog log. I meet so many people in the blog world etc, and so many with the same or similar names I find it hard sometimes to keep straight. Also wanted to ask, what the presentations are you do? My SIL is a huge animal person and has taken in many foster dogs, and often finds homes for them too; so was curious.

  5. This really touched my heart! SO glad I was looking back over your blogs. Wow I needed this, this morning!! Thanks!!