Monday, July 23, 2012

Taking Over

Meet Louie (hi Louie!). Louie was new to the kennel experience during a recent stay. He went from being uncertain and shy to wanting to take over the place. See that pleading face? Cute, right? Don't be fooled - he wanted to get out and make sure I was doing my job "right," especially the part about his daily quota of treats. Louie was a lot of fun to have here. Part of that is because I am so much like Louie. I'm shy at first, but once I get comfortable, I'm borderline obnoxious ("hey, are you going to eat that?"). However, I often think I know the rules and how things should be done, but in reality, I have no idea. That's why Louie isn't allowed to REALLY run the place. It's also why God doesn't let us have our way all the time. I know, that is really annoying, isn't it? His ways are not our ways, even when we can't see it. Often with life, we have to take many things on faith. We trust the pilot of the airplane to know what he or she is doing. We trust the other drivers on the road will practice proper control. With unseeable God, trust is harder and even seems unreasonable often times. However, sine the world seems put together pretty well with reasonable order and beauty, I'm willing to trust the Lord with the details of my life, even if I'm not happy about the specifics. In the end, some day I know I will that God's ways are better. But I still want to take over.

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