Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"That's Not My Name"

Do you have a problem remembering people's names? This Summer (and Spring), I had some remarkably embarrassing episodes of forgetting names, or calling them the wrong name. For weeks. Sigh. Meet Shaggy (hi Shaggy!). Shaggy was a bit scared when he arrived at the kennel. He let me pick him up, but it took him a long time to warm up to me. After a few days of him remaining distant, I crouched down and called him. He stayed in the corner, avoiding me. Then it clicked. When the owners dropped him off, they said goodbye to him using his nickname. Changing tactics, I crouched down again and used the name he associated with the people he loved, "Here Mr. Lickers!" He ran right up to me. We love for people to call us by name. We even like affectionate nicknames (not so much the ones we get from our school days). God calls us by name. First off, isn't that remarkable? I can't even keep a group of ten people's names correct and God's kept us all straight from the beginning of time? It's doubtful God uses those memorization tricks either like "Sally Green Skirt" or "Tall Jim." He knows us so thoroughly. Today revel in the God who made you and knows you, inside and out, good and bad, and with great affection and love.


  1. I just hope God doesn't call me Mrs. Lickers.

  2. LOL that's funny....working at the animal rescue, it is hard to get the "dropped off" dogs to respond to us workers when we don't have their name. It gets discouraging that people don't leave a note with their information when they leave their dog in the middle of the night tied to the fence or such. (it breaks my heart when I pull up to work and there is a dog tied to the picnic table, fence or such or literally thrown over the 6 ft fence.) They are usually petrified and therefore not very nice. A "name" would be of great help. Thankfully, for the most part, after we name them it only takes a few days for them to soften and come out of their "protection" attitude. So far I have only been bitten 1 time. And she, we named her Chloe, just won't make up to me unless I open a can of dog food for her. I say "WHATEVER WORKS" lol But at least she eats the food and NOT my hand.