Thursday, November 15, 2012

Still Needs a Home

Guess who has been down with the flu? (me)

Guess who still needs a home?  (kitten!)

Local animal welfare agencies are full so there' no place for the little guy.  Please ask around to see if someone would like to give him a wonderful home.


  1. Oh how I wish I could help out with placing that kitten, I am now with 6 cats/kittens and fostering one that wouldn't have made it at the shelter. It is on the road to recovery, but it makes me sad that when it gets well enough, it has to just go back to the shelter. And yes, the shelters around here have extreme numbers of cats/kittens. It hurts getting them adopted out when policy is they HAVE TO BE HOUSE CATS ONLY. I truly understand the thought behind this, but my cats love to play outside. Can they have a shorter life span, probably, but were they happy and doing what cats are meant to do? Yes. So to each their own, I am hoping to get ALLICATS Feline Safehouse and Adoption center up and running by next fall. Hopefully my dream will come true soon and then you will have a place to bring those drop-offs Lynn. But for now, I will keep my ears open, if I hear anyone that can take it off your hands I will lead them your direction. PLEASE PEOPLE, SPAY AND NEUTER!

  2. Good for you, Melissa. My cats enjoy the great outdoors too. I think it's a reasonable risk. They aren't bothering neighbors where I am, so they have a blast.

    I hope you get that ALLICATS started - sounds wonderful!