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Monday, November 26, 2012

What Do You Miss Most when You're Sick?

In case you wondered where the postings have been, I've had a bad flu.  Today is the first day I've felt civilized in two weeks.  I am sorry and I know I've missed you!  I've never been as ill as I was feeling and it makes me think "I'll never be well again."  I miss feeling healthy and energetic.  I miss eating normal food.  When I was really sick, I couldn't focus on reading or having a conversation.  It was too difficult. 

Yet I'm about done with the isolation!  Soon I hope I can be out and having fun with friends soon.  Just like good buddies Bo and Luigi. 
There's something about laughter and fun that lift your spirits mentally and it seems to help physically.  Sometimes you just have to get out and "mix things up."

Bo and Luigi are very good friends.  They get to play together a lot and they are so entertaining when they are together.  To me, they look a little like Sumo wrestlers here:
"Bring it on!"

Even though I missed posting around Thanksgiving, it's still November.  We should still be thankful, no matter what day it is.  I'm thankful I feel better today, and hope that it continues.  I'm thankful I had so many offers of help I had to turn people away.  I'm thankful for the kinds thoughts, words and prayers I received.  I'm thankful for my friends.  I'm thankful for cute dogs that like to play together and have fun.

What are you thankful for?  When you're sick, what do you miss most?


  1. Glad you are finally feeling better and hope you are only going to keep getting better. Is that the basset that Maggie played with?

  2. Hey Kim-that's actually a Dachshund!

  3. Welcome back Lynn! Keep getting better. I shouldn't have kept you on the phone so long the other day and now I feel bad that I only spoke of the kitten, not being very considerate. (one thing on my mind at a time lol) Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you were able to enjoy it.

    1. Melissa-It was so nice NOT to talk about being sick! It was nice to chat with you.