Friday, June 7, 2013

Be Anxious for Nothing

It's not often that a dog can't wait to ENTER the kennel.
But it's true for Dooley.  He has a small comfort zone.  He feels safer in the kennel, in his little bed.  At home, he prefers to watch the world from the comfort of the couch than actually getting out for a nice walk.
Can't really blame him, can you?  When you hear the headlines, don't you quiver and quake, wringing your hands and saying, "what's the world coming to?"
"Be anxious for nothing."  How the heck are we supposed to do that?  Can we not just turn off the radio and pretend everything is just fine?  Is there a way to respond to the hurt and worry of the world without losing our minds?
Casting our cares on the Lord sounds so simple.  For me, I can do that.  But then I accumulate brand new cares (read: worries) and I keep them for myself.  Eventually, I may cast them again, but apparently I don't think the Lord can really handle them. 
Like most things, it takes practice and remembering that He is ABLE to handle the world's problems.  While I may be alarmed by what I read and hear, God is not surprised.  His firm foundation is not shaken. 
Remember.  Pray.  Ask for peace.  Love undoes anxiety and there is not as much love in the world as there ought to be.  I'd like to think I bring more love to others than I do than cause anxiety, but I don't think it's always true.  Remember.  Pray.  It's constant.
It's harder to be quiet and ask, admitting our weakness, but it is the way of the Lord to calm our discontent.  Run to him today.

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