Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Control Yourself

Most likely you are reading this on some electronic device.  Why?  Because that's really the only way to access this blog.  You may be alarmed to learn, as I was, that new studies show that persistent use/exposure of computer/phone/etc. screen time leads to a 20% decrease in the brain.  Specifically, the part of the brain that dictates impulse control.
I don't know about you, but I already have enough trouble with this issue.  I try, I fail, I become embarrased by my failure.

There are many areas of life that tempt us.  Can you think of one that is free of temptation?  Does this mean that we are failures?  Or worse, does it mean we must constantly strive for perfection?

There is only one rescue for our imperfections.  If we were to learn of a diet drug that would keep us from chocolate chip brownies, we'd consider it our savior from sugar addiction.  But our bigger problem is sin of every kind.  And only Jesus is the savior for our imperfections, indulgences, and every evil thought.

Today, if you fall off the diet wagon, or whatever  your vice may be, remember that there is a way out.  Head in that direction and failure will not sting.

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