Monday, July 8, 2013

Coco Comes to the Country

This is Coco (hi Coco!).  He recently stayed the kennel for the first time.
When Coco and his owner visited a few days before, it was pouring down rain (as it has done pretty much every day for two weeks) - the kind that will drench you no matter how hearty your rain jacket.  Yet both were good sports about it, even though the kennel is less than impressive in rainy and humid weather. 

"Be strong and of good courage" is a message Joshua heard often after he took over Moses' job of leading those stubborn Israelites.  In our lives, being hearty, rolling with the punches, persevering, are all qualities we need to rise above our circumstances.

While Coco was in my care, he seemed content and was well behaved, ate well, and happily accepted treats. He got five stars for being a good customer (and his owner as well)!  Isn't that the impression we should leave on everyone we meet?  Pleasant and functional, despite less than ideal circumstances?

Strength and courage may not come easily.  Yet through Christ all things are possible.  Ask for the supernatural strength of God himself.  It makes life much better and gives Him all the glory.

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