Friday, July 26, 2013

Putting the Broken in Break

Taking a break from work and heading out for vacation is what brings owners to the kennel with their dogs.  When they return, often they have tales of their trip.

However, sometimes that break is far from relaxing with unexpected bad things happening.  From constant rain to sprained ankles, our hard earned time off doesn't turn out as we hoped.
The disappointment can run so deep, we sometimes feel like God just doesn't like us very much after all.  Otherwise, why such terrible things when it's supposed to be a perfect rest and fun time?

Sort of like all of life, isn't it?

Now and then, we can look backwards and see why some of those bad things weren't so bad after all, that maybe even something good came from them.  Yet there are other times when it's just all a mystery, and pain lingers.

If we knew exactly how God worked, faith would be unnecessary.  In fact, we'd call it something different, like Fact.  Having mystery in life propels people to do research, to search the heavens, to explore new states, parks, countries, etc.  As humans, God allows us the amazing gift of wondering.

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  1. Yes, if we only knew how God worked, faith would be simple. Praying for guidance is becoming a daily prayer for me.