Monday, July 15, 2013

Seeking Comfort

This morning as I closed the windows, anticipating a hot, sticky weather day, I thought about how most people keep their air conditioning on all night, and all day.  Raised without air conditioning, and taught to be "frugal", some times I'm surprised at our culture's inability to tolerate discomfort at any level.

Not only do we not want to be physically uncomfortable, we don't like to be mentally uncomfortable either.  We seek comfort by distraction, which often results in spiritual neglect.  Distraction allows us to avoid spiritual discomfort as well.

Yet the Lord longs to comfort us in a unique way.  It's not found in computer games, iPhones, or television.  Quiet.  Calm.  Reading the Bible.  Praying.  This is hardly the wild life, the cool style we show off.  It's subtle and difficult.  Yet it is so rewarding and deep.

Dogs have a variety of ways to comfort themselves when they are out of their element.  Retrievers are happiest when they have something in their mouth at all times.  I can relate, since I would do the same thing with ice cream, if I could.

Recently Jake was at the kennel.  It was his first time here and one day he refused to come out of his run to go outside.  He just sat and looked at me. That's when I noticed what was in his mouth.
 He wouldn't go out until we played ball.  After a few tosses (which he clearly thought I was doing incorrectly), he was content enough to go out and get on with his business.  Note how playing ball relieves stress, providing comfort, but still requires interaction with another.
Today, seek the comfort of God from the stress of every day living.  Whether he guides you to quiet time alone with him, or in happy interaction with others, look to the Lord for what your soul truly requires.

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