Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"The Greatest of These is Love"

Sometimes life runs you over.  Other times, you find you've run right into the path of someone else's target practice.  Either way, placating oneself in one more margarita or double buckeye sundae isn't going to take care of those wounded emotions.
Maybe it is the quiet sympathy of a friend, the crying-out-to-God prayer, or the surround-yourself-with-happiness get together that will soothe the pain.  Only love can heal the broken hearted.  Only the pure, true love of God, who understand the complexities more than any friend, can penetrate deeply enough to act as that healing balm we need. 

If only we could go to the store and rub the balm on our hurt and go on our merry way.  However, healing requires patience, and we're not good at that.  It requires quiet, which we kind of suck at too.  The things that are truly worthwhile in life are the ones that require effort, putting ourselves in vulnerable situations, and allowing the slow but sure work of God to build us up from our broken state.

The temporary fixes of this world aren't bad.  Recognize them for what they are - temporary (and probably over all unhealthy!).  Then, reach out to the Lord for not only a "fix" but a long lasting relationship of trust and depth. 


  1. So true. Needed that even though I was there this weekend I found myself in this state of wish whatever sadness or uneasiness I have been feeling since our return monday night would just go away. It's my normal all my life Julie empty or unsettled feeling. I'm not one of those never happy kind of people - I just lose my joy a lot and that can only be found in Him. A good reminder even in my impatience - actually even more in my impatience as I wait for the next parade of excitement in life - I just need to continue to press in to the Lord daily.

  2. Hard to come down from the mountain and trudge through the valley of daily living. Yet living out our faith is VERY daily.