Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting a Taste of Kennel Life

This is Darcy, a seven month old Jack Russell Terrier (hi Darcy!). Darcy and I have something in common - neither of us seem to be very photogenic. In Darcy's case, it's because she is in constant motion (certainly not my problem).
Darcy spent five days here last week, her first time in a kennel. As it is with most dogs, she was shy at first, confused by her new living situation. However, after about a day, she was eating treats, eager to go outside, and very curious about the other dogs. She even learned to bark to keep up with the others.

Being the "new kid" anywhere is difficult, especially if you're no longer a kid. Yet that youthful awkwardness returns with a vegeance when we're put in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations. Once we understand the new routine, the new people, and get a sense of what's happening, we can relax and possibly even enjoy ourselves.

Being an introvert myself, I dread social obligations. However, I don't if I know a friend will be there. And if I will not know anyone, I try to remember that Jesus is always with me and a presence is by my side even when I want to hide in the back of the room.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that you are loved, even though everything is new and different and awkward. That doesn't change the truth of it though.

What do you do in social situations that are unfamiliar? Are you an extrovert who embraces such occassions or are you shy and need time to get your bearings?

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