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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Unquenchable Thirst

Recently, a dog was here at the kennel that, if given the opportunity, would drink so much water she'd get sick. The owners had to only give her so much at a time. They said when it rains, she goes outside lapping whatever drops she can from grass, bushes, etc.

This is not her. This is an anonymous dog, her identity hidden to protect her privacy (heehee).
Each time this dog came in from outside, she'd head to water - any water - for a drink. I had to direct her to her own water bowl, where she'd lap the bowl dry. Then, she'd look at me for more.

When we are desperate for our thirst to be quenched, we'll look anywhere. In our desire to fulfill our lives, we often look to food, sex, power and position, etc. We'll drink and drink of it, often making ourselves sick.

We look anywhere but to the Lord. Christ, the Living Water, is the only source of true satisfaction. He is the only one who can quench our thirst with cooling, healing, life-giving water.

Why waste time for that which will make us more miserable? Go to the well of Christ.

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