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Friday, September 30, 2011

Marking Progress

If I were a scrapbooker (and I am not), this would have been a big week in the life of Captain, the tiny kitten abandoned near my home on June 1.
He was cuter when he was smaller. Now he's a bit of a terrorist to the entire households. If you don't trust the scars on my hands, ask Frankie.
Every now and then, he'll do something charming and cute.
Mostly now he runs around knocking things off the counter.
This week, he killed his first mouse. The next day, he had his first surgery - neutering.

Aren't you glad I have no photos of those?

Have you noticed that getting older and maturing seem to be too very different things? We're told to stay young. Sure, that's a nice thought, but that doesn't mean acting like we're still thirteen year olds at the first school dance. Young at heart, appreciating the simple aspects and wonders of life through the lens of maturity can be a beautiful way to live. Making peace for where you are in life, who you are and who you are becoming makes for personal harmony.

Even the Lord says we are not to be nourished on milk forever, but to get to the "meat" of our lives. My translation - use your head now and then - think things through.

It's to your benefit as well as all of us in community.

Go out there and think a thought today! It's so much better than knocking everything off my coffee table.

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