Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"They Grow Up So Fast!"

Not having children, I've never experienced that moment when a child disregards their parent to follow a pier instead.

This morning, I called to the Captain ("ahoy, Matie") as he was playing. He turned, looked at me, and walked the other way!
For a moment, I was sad he'd walked away from me. At the same time, he's growing up, maturing into a young adult cat, as he was meant to be.

We are not meant to stay young forever (counter to the thinking of adults I've seen on Spring Break). While having a "youthful outlook" is a good thing, acting immature is not. Each child is designed to grow up and mature into a responsible adult.

Why do we resist? The culture values youth and doing what feels good, giving in to the easiest way that makes us happy.

But does it really lead to happiness?

Being a true adult leads to freedom, not the constant pressure to be cool and hip. Accepting and following through with responsibilities gives a person confidence and pride.

God designed each of His children to grow up spiritually as well. While we "feed" on His word and digest the teachings that the Lord in all His goodness gives, we grow in grace and love as only God can grow us. Resisting this is to our own detriment. While it's not easy to make changes, allowing God to grow us up is a life of peace and deep abiding joy.

I'll remember that the next time I see the Captain sashying out the door.

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