Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Imagined Offense

Sunday morning, I walked downstairs to discover this at the bottom:
Just what did that poor roll of paper towels say to the kitten to receive such treatment?

Have you ever had someone take offense to something you said, and you had no idea you offended them? Or have you been offended by another's comments, when in reality no such offense was intended?

Perhaps I'm not the only one to notice that people today are just a bit "touchy" and oversensitive. Frankly, it's exhausting to be so careful all the time.

Language can be used as a weapon. If a person says they are offended, then the other person is on the defense immediately. A simple word can become a sword and a shield at the same time, giving them lots of control.

And we like control, don't we?

By today's standards, Jesus went around offending everyone. He told people "go and sin no more" and turned over the tables at the Temple. It's safe to say he hurt some people's feelings. Shouldn't Jesus always be loving? Can God be a meany?

What do you say to your dog or cat when they are headed for the road or ready to eat some vile thing? "NO!"

We say no as a protection, to insure safety. And Jesus does the same thing. All those "rules" people get mad about in the Bible? Could they be for our benefit?

Does our pet understand why we say no? Do they still want to play in the road? Of course they do. We can only hope they understand that we love them more and we know what's best.

Shouldn't we look at God's "rules" the same? We can't always understand, but He loves more deeply and fully than we can ever comprehend. "No" can be a radical act of love.

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