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Monday, October 3, 2011

Gotta Love the Drake

Do you remember the Seinfeld episodes that featured the character The Drake? Can you believe Seinfeld has been off the air for ten years? I still watch the reruns.

That has nothing to do with this gorgeous yellow lab, Drake (hi Drake!).
Drake is now a little over a year old. During his visit to the kennel this past weekend, I noticed how much he's matured. While not mellow, he seems to be taking life a little more seriously these days.

Drake's owners told me he had a couple of surgeries and dropped 20 pounds, refusing food. That must have been a bit of a wake-up call for him.

Life's difficulties has a way of doing that, doesn't it?

While no one wants to welcome disaster of a personal or communal nature, the lessons we can learn are good opportunities for growth. It'd be nice if we could make some of these changes BEFORE tragedy strikes. Yet it seems like things don't always work that way. We're too busy enjoying the good times, taking credit for all our smooth sailing.

One doesn't need to go through life with a frown of concern all the time. The good times should be enjoyed. And when tough times come, make the most of them as well.

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