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Monday, October 10, 2011

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Actually, it's Sparky the dog in a nice denim/tartan plaid coat.
Sparky was a first-time visitor to the kennel recently. It was cold the day the owner dropped him off and certainly he was the best dressed dog, looking all "Dapper Dan" and dignified.

Looks can be deceiving.

When another dog entered the kennel a couple days later, Sparky took serious issue with it. His (wire)hair stood on end, he postured and acted like a true terrier. It wasn't dignified behavior, but very normal for a dog.

Have you noticed how good-looking, well-dressed people often get away with awful behavior? If Snooki was unattractive, heavy and dressed in sweats and behaved the same way as she does on Jersey Shore, she'd be labeled very differently. Or maybe she'd just be on Teen Mom.

Regardless, it's a relief to me that God sees the heart of a person. We make assumptions all the time based on externals. Sometimes we're right, sometimes we are not. Other people make assumptions about me, and those may be wrong as well. Remembering God knows what's truly important allows me to extend grace the way God has extended grace to me. While God knows all things, I am unable to do the same. I can only do the best I can.

God is long-suffering of our bad behavior. Maybe I can be a tiny bit more patient. Love endures all things.

What was the worst assumption you ever made about someone? Who's testing you now? If you can't forgive now, how will you treat that person until you can? Run to God.

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  1. OH YES that reminds me of a time when i had just got of work and was pretty scroungy looking with bandanna on my head (to protect from hardhat) and was truly followed around by an employee at a store i frequent often. I knew they were "watching me" for fear i was a thief. I had or never have been followed in that store when dressed a bit more appropriate for shopping and really didn't want to stop and shop but was just wanting to get home for the day. I actually thought it was a little too obvious what they were up to, but I just stayed my course and got what I needed. This just shows how we all do at some time or another judge based on the outside! Thank the GOOD LORD that he doesnt do that and goes directly to the heart !!!