Saturday, October 8, 2011

Coming Back from the Brink

This is my cat, Franklin. (Okay, he's ONE of my cats but we won't discuss cat population in my home now.) Frank is eight years old and six years ago had some surgery due to repeated UTI's. He's been on borrowed time.
This week, I noticed he was throwing up. In my house, this is frightfully not uncommon. Then I noticed that there wasn't much food being eaten. Frankie doesn't miss a meal - he's eighteen pounds (hey, he's down from twenty).

Yesterday morning, he was lethargic so I got him to the vet as soon as I could. I worried I wouldn't be bringing him back. Fortunately, it looks like he's going to be fine.

Cats can go down hill quickly. They hide their pain well. One day they seem fine, then they are at the edge of complete collapse. Frankie didn't tell me how ill he was - in fact, he hid (not easy for a cat of great girth). If I'd not sought Frankie out, I'd never have been able to save him.

Some people are the same. They are in great pain, dying inside from heartbreak. Yet they function fine on the outside. Maybe they even hide.

Do you know anyone like this? Don't let them hide forever. Seek them out before it's too late. You may not cuddle them in your arms and scratch behind their ears (unless that's your thing) like I did Frankie. However, you can find a way to show you care, maybe even take them to the feet of the Lord and Healer.

And if this describes you, hiding pain forever takes you closer and closer to the brink. Please turn around. Run to Jesus. It's not too late.

Who will you reach out to today? How are you handling your own pain?

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