Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Diligence in All Things

This is Jim (hi Jim!). Jim is a Great Dane mix pup (yes, PUP!). Remember the story about the dog who licked the toad (not a children's novel, but what a great title that would be)? Well, this is the toad-licker.
As Jim has matured, he's taken an interest in the world outside his home. It's not uncommon for a dog to become more protective of his home and people as they grow as well. Clearly, Jim is showing these qualities (even if he is NOT supposed to be sitting there!).

When I was in my twenties, I regarded my faith in God with an attitude of "done deal." I didn't understand that faith is alive and needs to be nurtured and a relationship that will grow when fostered. The reality of this was brought to the forefront when my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Suddenly, I wondered what faith was for. Turns out, I was not diligent in guarding the importance of my faith. Why bother? Things were fine!

But since I wasn't "keeping watch," I was blindsided and my faith was weak when I needed it. My relationship was one that needed rebuilt and I had to lear A LOT when I could have been receiving comfort without all the battles I was fighting.

It's when we are not ready, have not been diligent, that we often find we're lacking the security we need when trials come. And they will come.

Today, consider where you need to shore up your security system. It's never too late to foster the most important relationship of your life.

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