Monday, October 24, 2011


It's always fun to have friends visit. It's about the only thing that motivates me to clean up the place.

Guests to my home experience a running of the gauntlet. I might have to start having people complete a waiver before setting foot on the property.

Yesterday's visitors experienced the following: ambush by kitten while walking up front porch steps, one ridiculous dog trying to scratch their arms while the blind one bumped into their legs, trying not to trip over cat toys, not bumping their heads on the lamp that is hung too low, and lastly, having to clean a shoe after "someone" peed on it.

I won't name names.
(I'll just show her picture)

Fortunately, these were good and decent friends visiting and they were good sports about the whole thing. Hopefully they'll come back someday...

"Getting it right" can be a stress when we are welcoming others to our homes or even just into our lives. We want to make a good impression. While this is certainly a nice goal, what people tend to want more is genuineness. Being real and open is both easier and gives others the chance to do the same.

Jesus said, "Let the children come to me." It wasn't a suggestion. And he didn't care if the kids had crumbs on their faces or dirt on their knees. He just wanted them for who they are.

And it's the same today. He wants you for who you are. No matter what "dirt" you've got. He's real and His love for you is greater than any fancy welcome mat.

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