Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Terrier is a Terrier, No Matter How Small

This is Jenny (hi Jenny!). Actually, she has a longer name, but she's Jenny to her friends - keeping it casual.
Jenny is a Silky Terrier and weighs maybe 3-5 pounds. This weekend, her first visit to the kennel, she was around large dogs weighing in close to 100 pounds.

Jenny was unfazed.

She may be small on the outside, but on the inside, she's got the heart of a terrier. From Rat Terriers to Staffordshire Terriers, all dogs of this class tend to be fearless. They were bred to fight vermin on the farm and bulls invading pastures. Tenacious is another word to describe them.

God made us fearless too. We forget this, when we see the vermin invading our lives, either personally or communally. Maybe we turn into a heap, cowering in the corner, when faced with a challenge.

God strengthens us, doesn't he? HIS strength - not ours. With the power God alone can impart to us, we can become tenacious on the inside, even if we look "dainty" on the outside. "Perfect love casts out fear." Again, only God's love can impart to us perfect security so we know no fear.

You know what that means? You don't have to put up with any "bull" in your life. Take it from Jenny.

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