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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

He's Still Able

Ever since Foster was young, he's run to the end of the driveway to retrieve the newspaper. He brings it to me, jabs it in my hands, and then runs up the front porch, waiting for his breakfast.
Now that he's completely lost his vision, he's still getting the paper. The last few days there have been no dogs in the kennel and I get to have "robe and slipper" mornings. Foster has gotten the paper for me, more times than not (it would help if it was delivered to the same general spot).

I'm so thankful he can do something that he still enjoys. I like it because it's a benefit to me on cold, rainy mornings. While he needs more supervision in general, his routine hasn't changed much.

It's important for us all to feel important and needed, no matter what our age. When we lose our ability to do certain things, it can be soul crushing.

"Thank you, Lord, for waking me up in my right mind today."

Sometimes, even that is lost.

What is to be done with the frustration of aging and ill bodies?

I hope you didn't think I had the answer to that age-old question.

I only know where to go for comfort in the confusion and frustration. No amount of positive thinking, attitude adjustment, or rubbing Budha's belly compares to the Real Presence of God's love. It's hard to understand, it takes time and patience as well as giving up our own ideas about things sometimes. But it's true and it's real.

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