Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Dingo!

This week, Foster turned 12.

The first time I saw him as a 6-week old puppy, he belonged to a kennel client and went by the name "Bear." While I'm not someone who coos over puppies, I cooed over him. He was adorable, happy, energetic, confident to a fault, and was in constant motion.

When his owner told me they were moving and weren't taking their new dog, I was pretty happy to add him to our home.

The last couple of years, Foster's sight has gone. Having a blind dog has been a challenge. Having a blind Foster is an even greater challenge. He is still extremely active and wakes up ready to take on the day. This often results in him running into end tables, other animals, the back of my leg, and even a running woodburner.

In some ways, it's reassuring to know that our bodies may betray us miserably, yet our inner light can still shine.

And this morning, Foster fulfilled his daily job of getting the morning paper. I'll celebrate every day I have this fine, loyal dog by my side.