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Monday, February 6, 2012

Love Comes with a Squeeky Toy

There she is again. Tilly, my muse.
She's more like an aggravation, reminding me of all my shortcomings.

Yesterday, a few friends were over to play cards before the Superbowl game. Tilly pretty much freaks out with delight at the sight of visitors. And of course she didn't disappoint.

As we played our competitive card game (we wisely clipped our nails so no one got hurt), Tilly took a few turns under the table pestering people. If she got any response, she pestered them more, her tail wagging side to side. While many (normal) dogs will give up when they are being ignored, Tilly persists in the face of rejection.

God longs to have us as His very own - He calls to us time and time again, not content for us to reject him. His ways and attributes are much greater than a pesky dog. His love knows no bounds and his tenacious persistence in wooing us back are even greater than Tilly's.

Yet we still resist a love that is so profound we can't wrap our minds around it. It is almost too much to accept. However, making that leap of faith into accepting his great love is a decision I've never regretted.

I think you'll be glad you did too.

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  1. This comment should probably be on your last post, but once again, God undoubtfully, has given you a talent to take a funny, sad, unfortunate or ANY kind of experience and turn it into a lesson that we all need to hear. Thanx for your insight (and yes thank God) that you have such a wonderful talent.