Friday, February 3, 2012

Perfect Enough

There she is.

The dog that reminds me every day that I am not a perfect pet owner. While I'm at it, I'm also not a perfect writer, dieter, house cleaner, driver, Christian, daughter, sister, friend, Zumba instructor, make-up applyer, fashion follower or basic hair care maintenance worker.

I could go on.

Striving for perfection can drive a person crazy. While I do strive, I try to be easy on myself when I fail. And isn't it the failures of another that make you want to be around them? It's a gentle reminder that we can relax, be forgiven, and move forward.

Do you know someone who is perfect? Or are they just busy trying to appear perfect?

If anyone ever compliments me on something about my character, I politely say thank you, but also that generally it is not something I was able to change on my own. Over and over, I need to ask God to repair my imperfections. And while I'm not every going to get it right (due to my own insistence and resistance to what God is able to do), I can relax in the forgiveness and love of the Lord which persists.

Someday, God will make us whole and perfect. That will be a permanent change, dependent fully on Him. What a relief that will be.

Until then, live your life. Live it well. When you fall short of the goals and ideals, go easy on yourself, and ask the Lord to do the hard work of changing us. Jesus said he would take our burdens. I'm happy to give them to Him.

What burden do you take back from God over and over? What one do you need to permanently commit to Him?

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