Friday, May 4, 2012

Are You "Good Enough?"

It's easy to listen to our doubts about our abilities. It's easier to come up with an excuse as to why you can't do something difficult. Often, the message we hear is "you're not good enough."
I was thinking about that lie we are too eager to believe this morning. It's what I often hear people say as to why they don't/won't come to Zumba class. While I know it's not for everyone (what?), as an instructor, I want to say "of course you're not good enough - I'm not good enough!" The point is to keep moving, and maybe, time after time, you improve. No matter what, I remind everyone (incluing myself), have fun! My dogs aren't good enough. In fact, they drive me crazy when they are doing "something wrong." I know when they eat something disgusting, it's bad for them so I yell at them to stop. Still, I love them, despite their flaws (and weirdness). Doesn't the Lord tell us the same? "Of course you're not good enough. That doesn't matter. My Son was good enough and when you run to Him, I see you through Him." Sometimes I think God just wants us to move a little everyday, and if we can, improve as we grow closer to Him in his transforming love. Either way, we should enjoy the dance.

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