Monday, May 14, 2012

You Turn Me Right Round

Here's Tilly doing her best cute pose.
Has your life ever been turned on its head? Has everything fallen apart - maybe in a small way or in a cataclysmic disaster? Mine has. More than once. It's awful. A sea of despair threatened to drown me. It's safe to say that NONE of the emotions I had were remotely positive. No power of positive thinking was going to right that ship. I was powerless. Finally, I ran to the Lord. That was the only One who could hold me up through the circumstances. No, the situation didn't change - it got worse. However, I was not alone and my despair turned to hope, even if it was a distant one. Today when you need to right the wrongs of your life, seek God. Admit you can't do it yourself. Your pride only prolongs the pain. Run to the Lord.

1 comment:

  1. Don't run much anymore, well, actually not at all (hehe) Thankfully He knows this and comes to me. Life can be so disappointing sometimes, glad this isn't all there is to it!!