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Friday, May 18, 2012

There is Superstition

Riley's back (hi Riley....over here Riley). If I took a picture of Riley every time he was here, he'd always look like this.
Before I moved my furniture around, Riley slept under this same window so he could peek out for his owner's return. Once when we were walking, Riley's owner (and a friend of mine) drove from the other direction to meet us. Now when we walk that same stretch of road, Riley looks at every vehicle that drives by with much hopefulness. Unfortunately, Riley was unsuccessful at conjuring up his owner in this manner. Don't we do the same things, perhaps in less obvious ways? Do we think if we pray every day, go to church every Sunday, and keep the Golden Rule, we will get what we want? While all those things are good to do, they can not manipulate God. As much as we want, nothing we do can force God's hand to our will. "Your will be done" are easy words to say, but tough words to mean.

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