Monday, December 17, 2012

Leading the Blind

When I walked my two dogs, Foster and Guinness, Foster would pull ahead while Guinness lagged behind.  Guinness was about 4 years older than Foster, plus, Foster was bossy.

Now Foster lags behind while Tilly pulls ahead.  Foster is about 7 years older than Tilly, and he's completely blind.
When we are young (both in age and new to faith), our tendency is to race ahead, ready to conquer the world, forgetting that maybe we should have read the instruction manual first.  If it weren't for the leash, our connection to God, darting into traffic, chasing rabid wild life, and getting lost would be our day's dangers. 

As we mature, the leash is no longer a hindrance to fun.  It is a necessity, a kindness, to be led safely along our journey.

Trusting is difficult.  Yet once we understand that the One who wishes to direct our path is loving, we no longer have to worry about the unknown or be subject to our own impulsive actions.

God is kind indeed.

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