Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Taking Care of Orphans

Orphaned kittens, abandoned puppies, and children with no parent.  In my mind, they are not equal.  The plight of a child in need supersedes animals, yet they all break our heart.
When this kitten was dumped off at my property, I was listening to a radio drama of Oliver Twist.  What an orphaned child went through in the mid-1800 England was shockingly cruel.  Few had any concern for children who ended up running wild in the street.  The only people who kept an eye out for a child in need was often a criminal, looking to exploit the child.

Fortunately, a wave of compassion changed society, one of whom was William Wilberforce, who not only worked tirelessly for twenty years for abolition of slavery, but also to promote care of the poor.  He also was a founder of the British ASPCA.

Some prayers I believe God always answers.  One is "show me where I need to do better."  God seems eager to reveal this.  It is very annoying and always accurate, darn it.  The other is "Lord, give me the heart to care about what you care about."  Be prepared for your heart to be broken, over and over.

We can choose to harden our hearts to pain.  Look how most people run from pain.  I understand that, but buying a new bauble at Wal-Mart or Macy's is hardly going to change the world. 

If we choose to care, to open ourselves up to hurt, we can make a difference.  One life, one donation, one kind comment, can make the difference in a person's life.

Some of us fancy ourselves risk takers in life, yet we won't do anything that shakes up our comfort.

Go out and be afflicted today.  Dare to care about what others overlook.  Get your heartbroken.  You'll feel alive and in tune with what the God of the universe deems vital.


  1. Volunteering and working at the animal shelters in our area was horribly hard when I first started a few years ago. I saw such sad animals, stressed animals and abused/neglected literally on their death beds as well as animals that really don't have a chance and it is better to euthinize than have them suffer. Oh how heartbreaking. After fostering many kittens, having some die, some struggling too long and having to make the horrible decision as to keep trying or allowing them to give up, was unbearable in the beginning. I came to terms with it by the Grace of God, knowing that he will continue to guide me. I still cry everytime a kitten/cat or dog dies. It doesn't get easier, but there is always another animal that needs medical attention or such. Mostly, they all just want a good loving. So I have learned a lesson, God is guiding me, but he never said it will ALL BE GOOD. The pains and suffering I see are making me a more compassionate person all around.

  2. Melissa you definitely still have your heart in a process that numbs so many. It is a tribute to God's work in your life. God will redeem all the pain and make it good eternally, even if we don't see it now.