Monday, December 3, 2012

Helen Keller-ing Your Way Through Life

Foster, who is completely blind and progressively growing more deaf, manages to get from the house to the kennel and back with few problems.  However, maneuvering around a few objects causes him some trouble.  Fortunately, Foster has a good vocabulary and even in his current health state learns new words. 

When he approaches the house and nears the hedge, I tell him to "wait" or "stop" and he seems to know he's about to crash into something.  He backs up and tries another way.  If that path is clear, I tell him over and over "okay" and "good" and when he gets near the porch stairs, I shout, "Step!" and he walks up the steps.

It reminds me of how I get through my days, trying to make decisions, both big and small.  So many times, I bash right into an obstacle.  Sometimes, though not as often as I'd like, I sense God giving me a little correction, a small adjustment in direction, to get me on a safer path.

God leads us, but he also lets us find our way.  He doesn't divinely micromanage our life.  As long as we strive to abide with him, our decisions flow from the desire to serve and be more like Jesus.  We aren't out there on our own, abandoned.  We have a loving God leading us, even if we wind around a bit along our journey.


  1. Your final paragraph today means a lot to me. I get discouraged because I don't hear His voice as well as I would like (and as often as others seem to). But maybe it's because He is not a micromanager. Thanks.

    1. Glad that was helpful A-non. It seems God deals with us all very differently. I get very little first hand, specific clues as to what I "should" be doing. Some people seem to pray and have an answer instantly. I pray and have an answer...not hardly ever. It's hard when those who "hear" insist others much be "doing it wrong" when it seems God just has a different way with different people. He trusts us to figure it out is how I look at it! He blesses our efforts of a good heart, not the results of perfection.