Monday, December 10, 2012

Sent Away to a New Home

Saturday, I drove Twist to Toledo to go to his new home.  He'd been in the house for about a week and was getting too comfortable here.  We were bonding.  He loved to touch my face with his soft paws.
For the long drive, I put Twist in a small carrier.  He stood at the door and stared at me.  He seemed in disbelief that I would put a barrier between us.  After I filled my car with gas, I took him out and held him in one arm.  He snuggled up against my shoulder and looked out the window, noting the overhead passes and cars passing.  He shifted into my other arm (thankfully for my blood flow) and rolled over and took a nap. 

My heart in my throat, I told him, "Even though I'm taking you to a new home, I still love you."  Then I thought how this was sort of like Christmas.  God sent his son Jesus away from their happy safe home to a different world, even though they loved each other.

Twist, now Ollie, was welcomed into his new home.  There, he will be loved and in return love, because he can't help but love.

Jesus' reception into our world was anything but a warm welcome.  It began in a manger, was quickly sent into exhile, and it never really got better.  Hostility chased Jesus his entire life.  Along the way, he managed to love amazingly, because it is his nature to love.  Every day we decide how to respond to the offer of love Jesus holds out to us.  It is a life of peace that passes all understanding.  It is a story of trust and redemption.  But most of all Jesus loves you.  How long will you resist?

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  1. So happy for "Ollie", also for you to have found him a home. It is extremely hard to let an animal go after bonding. (I know, that's why I have 6) I am fostering a sick little one now, he is on the mend, but my husband doesn't help the situation when he repeatedly asks if I am taking him back to the shelter. My answer is always the same, when he is healthy enough.