Monday, September 23, 2013

Awkward Communication

This is Ellie (hi Ellie!).  She's going home soon.
Ellie is a delightful dog who, despite diabetes and losing her vision, has a lot of heart and drive. 

For me, Ellie provides a special challenge and I do not mean her twice daily insulin shots.  She shares the same name as my mother.  This makes calling her seem very peculiar.  While I do not call my mother by her first name, I am not at all used to hearing her name followed by "Sit" or "Here's a treat."

Sometimes our communications with each other can be just as confusing.  We don't always find our traction in conversation and things seem awkward and uncomfortable.

It's always good to know that Jesus is the most amazing interpreter of all.  Not only does he understand every language and dialect, he understands the intentions of our heart, even more than we even do. 

Have you ever been misunderstood?  Rest assured that Jesus always understands us.  And with all that, He even loves us deeply.

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