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Monday, September 30, 2013

Dangers of Low Usage

Sometimes when we don't use something for its intended purpose, it starts to fall apart.  Or, in the case above, the original use - feeding birds - disappears and in its place the opposite may happen - feeding ON birds.

An older pick up truck I had kept having expensive repairs made to it.  It wasn't done because of the truck itself, but because it wasn't being used for its purpose.  In other words, I wasn't driving it enough, so the tires rotted, mice ate the wires, etc.

Recently, a small out building had to have major work done to it due to a bug problem.  If the building was used more, then the bugs would not have taken up residence.

You've heard "use it or lose it."  Do you think God ever looks at us, his created beings, and wonders if we're just going to rust and fall apart if we don't live for the reasons he gave us life in the first place?

If every day we don't acknowledge our loving Creator and think of our greater purpose in life, might we be attacked by the bugs of busy-ness?  We need to keep our houses in order and most of all we need to use them for God's glory.  It is not a difficult task, but it is a daily one.

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  1. Ahhh yes, the ole "use it or lose it" is an appropriate term when thinking of our daily non-compliance of God's words. It is too easy to TRY to do our daily tasks on our own. Forgetting that God is capable of helping us through, if we just ask. Too many time I forget to include God in my decision making efforts and everything goes to pot then I wonder why. LOL