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Friday, September 6, 2013

Lost Was Once

Recently while visiting relatives, this caught my eye:
Decades ago, one of my cousins came upon a dog and he asked the dog, "Are you lost?"  The dog wagged his tail.  His name was now Lost, though he was actually found.  Lost was a great dog.  He was friendly, and would howl identically whatever howling you did first.  Great sing a long dog there.  When I saw the statue, it made me smile.

We all stumble through our lives, climbing up mountains, looking around briefly before struggling through valleys.  Life can be challenging and difficult.  But it can be wonderful as well, and then we wonder what to do with our sense of awe.

Grieving or cheering, we are Lost without the Lord.  It all makes sense through Him, and whatever doesn't make sense (there certainly is that), the Lord's hand can be trusted.  Today, if you hear God calling and asking if you are Lost, nod your head, wag your tail, do what it takes to run to Him.  A better life awaits.

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