Monday, October 14, 2013

An Uneasy Diagnosis

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month (in case you wonder what all the pink is about), many women (and men) share their stories of being diagnosed with cancer.  Having two friends get diagnosed within the same week eight years ago, I remember it only from a secondary fright and concern.  Fortunately, both are not just alive but thriving, even after both had a second bout with this terrible illness.

Our lives are not in our own hands, and our failure to control what we wish to control is a constant frustration.  When our very bodies betray us, we are brought to our knees.  And while God is not a child abuser, He desires us to seek him out (and if you're on your knees, that's  great place to start) in sickness and in health.

Last Friday I had great plans to blog about a funny story of something that happened in the kennel years ago.  Then, Tilly decided to have a seizure that lasted several minutes.  I managed to get her outside, where she had a second one.  I called the vet's office and they to bring her in.  I carefully scooped her up and made the three minute trip.
She jumped out of the car, just fine, tail wagging.  Since we were there, they decided to check her out.  Then, she had a third seizure, which prompted a shot of valium to make it stop.  Now, with a diagnosis of epilepsy, Tilly is on twice a day medication.

Now I won't compare a person with breast cancer with a dog with epilepsy in terms of equal gravity.  However, both instances remind us that life can turn on a dime from every day expectation to a complete change.  In every case - in every mountain and valley - God is there.  We need to run to Him.  There, God provides comfort, guidance, and sometimes simply presence, with no explanation.  And God's presence is an essential thing, no matter what.


  1. Although I had signs/symptoms before the day I woke up "blind" with a horrible electric feeling throughout my body, I have experienced that "everything has changed in my life" day. Of course I got my eyesight back after a couple months of dealing with double vision, but other symptoms persist. It can/does happen to wake up to a challenge never dreamed of in this life. Either for yourself or someone you love. Without God, I don't see how people can deal with these earthly problems that truly take over your life. After 4 years, I am still struggling to cope with the symptoms and will have the rest of my life on earth to deal with this. even though I have a wonderful support system within my family, nothing can bring the comfort that God brings. My MS on earth is forever. It won't be cured but I have been led to doctors that are striving to help me. That is the best it will get here on earth. And I write this as a somewhat hypocrite, because I question myself daily about my faith. I can proclaim Jesus is my Savior with ease, but to believe it myself, is a struggle. As sad as that sounds, I know God understands. We talk, or as I like to say, butt heads daily. But he surely knows where I am coming from

  2. Melissa, thank you for sharing your deeply painful and honest experience. It's hard to remember that pain makes sense beyond this earth when we hurt daily. Blessings to you my friend!