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Monday, October 21, 2013

Caring for the Aging Canine

I've said it before.  I love old dogs.  Puppies are cute, but I prefer the charm of the dignified older dog.
Bugs, above, was here this weekend.  I've watched him since he was first adopted.  He came from a neglected background, and he didn't always know how to behave when he was first here.  However, he matured into a really great dog.  Now, he's thirteen and has significant health problems.

People want to hold onto their dogs for as long as they can.  Perhaps tending their particular issues is bothersome, but still we persist.

As we age and mature ourselves, we remember that God tends us with love and care, easily negotiating the tough times we have and all of our ailments.  All the tough things we weather are perfectly simple to the Great God. 

Let's celebrate age, wisdom, and God's perfect love.

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