Monday, October 7, 2013

When No One Is Watching

Over the years, people have told me sad stories about how their dogs were treated at other kennels.  While I in no way endorse what may have been done, I do understand that dogs can truly test a person's patience.  And dogs can't report abuse or neglect, sadly.

Good Shepherd Boarding Kennel has one very large window.  From the day we opened, I've functioned with the idea that anyone at any time could be looking in and watching how I care for these loved pets.  I'm certainly not perfect and if someone had been watching the day I had to leap and body tackle a large, gleefully romping free spirit, they would likely have laughed rather than been horrified.

Last night I had a reminder of always watching my tongue and my behavior.  Somehow I missed a client pulling into the parking area while I was in the kennel.  I walked back to the house and Tilly was, as she often does, lollygagging.  I called for her and she finally came.

After getting comfy on the couch to watch tv, a figure appeared at the door.  Yes, it was my client to get his dog. OOOPS!

But it was a good reminder.  Someone may be watching me, or hearing me shrieking at my own dog.  However, God always hears and sees me, and more than that, He knows my heart.  That is reminder enough to ask for His strength to love and nurture those in my care.

What about you?  What tries your patience more than others?

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  1. Know what you are talking about...I was tried yesterday as a reminder to watch my tongue and my behavior. Sometimes even though is good to receive a kick in the pants:) Jane