Friday, October 25, 2013

Leader of the Pack

(cue music:  "Vroom...vroom!")

Boston Terriers.  They are small, but they don't that.  There is one I watched for a long week recently.  She has been here before, but usually just for a day or two and generally acts a bit afraid and cautious.

As time passed, she got more and more comfortable with the other dogs (who were there for the same length of time).  She went from being afraid of them, to mingling freely, to playing with them.  When a new dog came to the kennel, she decided to protect her new pack by attacking the newcomer.
From timid to in charge.  From twelve pounds to bossing around 150 pounds of dogs.

It's always good to see a dog adjust.  It's stunning to watch them take over.  That's when I need to step in.

However, if I'm honest, I'm the same way.  When I first meet others, I am rather shy, taking the dynamics of all the people in.  When I'm comfortable, I turn into a talker.  And if I'm not careful, I may try to take over. 

For those who come to faith in God later in life, they may be shy about approaching the Lord in prayer.  Certainly our Loving Father wants us to come and be comfortable in His presence.  The danger is getting so comfortable with God's love that we forget His holiness.  Sometimes we think we get to tell others who God will love and who He will not love.  We've overstepped our bounds, like a rabid Boston Terrier.  Often God will step in and remind us that we most certainly are not in charge of His pack.

Today take inventory of where you are with the Lord.  Run to His Loving arms.  But don't get so comfortable that you think God's arms are crossed, barring others.  I need to pray often to keep my heart soft, for compassion, not rules, to be greater in my heart.  Let's all try to live there.

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