Monday, July 26, 2010


Some people really hate Mondays. It makes them grumble and get a bit testy with others. They don't want anyone invading their space - they'd rather be left alone.

Dogs can be this way with their "space" as well. For example, the dog pictured above is a really wonderful dog. No, really. He's just "cage protective." As soon as I open the kennel run door, this snarling and teeth-baring ends. After he comes in from outside, he runs to his kennel cage and starts the fierce behavior all over again.

Yes, it's unsettling to have such ferocity directed at me, but I know he doesn't intend to bite. He just doesn't want anyone messing with him.

Some times when we meet people who are in bad moods, Monday or not, we assume they want to do us some damage. This is normally not true. The other person is just consumed with protecting themselves - their feelings, what they believe to be true, etc.

It gives me a lot of peace to realize I don't have to change the person's behavior or talk them out of their bad moods. I can step back and remember that when they are out of their "cage," they are most likely a person deserving of love and kindness. Maybe if enough people treat the grouchy person this way, they will experience that love. Maybe then they won't snarl so much.

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