Friday, May 20, 2011

Enduring the Pain

Three weeks ago, Foster had his eye surgery. Happily, he's made a great recovery and back to being energetic.
Even Blue Bunny (his favorite toy) has made a reappearance, dragging it out when people come visit.
I can't even imagine what pain he must have been in before he went through this. While it's not easy to look at where his eye used to be, it's fantastic to have "the old Dingo" back!

Life tosses us pain. Sometimes it lasts a long time, other times it passes through. In other words, we endure it forever or for a short time.

A friend of mine says, "You can go through life without God, but it's not pretty." It's hard enough to go through pain WITH God. However, it's unimaginable to not have the long view of pain - that eventually there's a redemptive purpose. Faith is worth fighting for just for that understanding alone! Without God, where does one go with all the pain?

What about you? Maybe I still like to go for ice cream when I'm challenged, but ultimately going to God is soothing. How do you cope?

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