Monday, May 9, 2011

The Feeding Ceremony

Going out to eat is fun, isn't it? And while I've often gone to restaurants by myself, it's more fun with others.

While I was away some this winter, my friend who was feeding the cats asked me why they didn't tear into the bags of food that were near their bowls. It's for the same reason that the cats run to the food bowls at 4:30 everyday even when there is still food left in them.

The Feeding Ceremony.
Dog owners tell me how their dog won't eat their food until the family is at the table eating their dinner. Why?

The Feeding Ceremony.

There's something about the routine of preparing, feeding, and eating that is strangely comforting to both dogs and cats. And isn't it true for people as well?

Jesus said that he was the bread. He also said he was the water. What's that supposed to mean? All people can relate to eating. It's for sustaining life and growing. Bread is sustenance. Water is essential for life. Jesus sustains us with substance as well as refreshment.

Eating is community. Jesus wants us to be in community with each other. that where we get the word "Communion?" Togetherness isn't always easy. However, it's essential for a healthy life.

Find someone to share a meal with today!


  1. AW what a sweety ! however. . those grapes should be cut, my granddaughter knows that gramma sissa won't let her have big grapes whole. :) sorry, just had to state that.

  2. That would be my neglect - amateur mistake on my part!