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Friday, May 6, 2011

Making the Most of Your Education

There are some things we just have to learn for ourselves. Maybe you were told by a parent or authority figure what to do but you ignored them. (Maybe? I did that all the time.)

If you're a little older, you probably find yourself telling, or thinking of telling, someone that they are about to make a mistake. It's the "brick wall" scenario. You know they are heading for a brick wall, and you're standing there yelling "you're heading for a brick wall." They keep on driving.

Sometimes we have to let people go their way. Other times, a well-intentioned, kindly worded warning is in order. Either way, many people just don't learn.
Take Olive for example. Obviously she is a very literate cat. She's the smallest and oldest cat in the house (and crankiest). Her favorite hobby is sleeping. She doesn't seem to use her knowledge well. Or, maybe she is, who knows.

Knowledge and wisdom are two different things. Proverbs is a book in the Bible that has plenty of wisdom on a variety of subjects. Is it a rulebook we must follow in order to please God? In fact, it is a gift from God to us. If we do our best to follow His wisdom and ways, our daily living will be much better.

God loves us enough to warn us of the brick walls. We must be wise enough to listen. Fortunately, God lovingly embraces us when we do mess up and run back to Him. Grace.

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